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Betoni is a magazine that introduces widely concrete architecture and structures, environmental and infrastructure construction, the latest information on concrete construction, research and development projects and the most interesting references from Finland and abroad. The magazine also presents the latest concrete art and design. The Magazine is designed for developers, designers and builders in the construction trade, as well as for public employees and professionals working in business and industry. Betoni Magazine is also distributed to various research and educational institutes.

Magazine's website: http://betoni.com/arkkitehtisuunnittelu/betoni-lehti/

Advertisement sales

Advertisement sales Betoniteollisuus ry/Betonia Oy
Phone 09 12991
Email maritta.koivisto@betoni.com
Contact person Nina Loisalo
050 368 9072
050 368 9072

Contact info

Publisher Betoniteollisuus ry/Betonia Oy
Visiting address Eteläranta 10, 10.kerros
00130 Helsinki
Phone 09 12991
Magazine's email maritta.koivisto@betoni.com
Päätoimittaja Maritta Koivisto

Circulation or copies

Copies 15618
Issues per year 4


Issue Publishing date Reservation Material Research number Additional info
1 12.03.2021 19.02.2021 Thema: Publication of The award of the Concrete Structure of the year. New in concrete house building.
2 04.06.2021 11.05.2021 Thema: Concrete floors. Concrete buildings. New projects.
3 08.10.2021 16.09.2021 Thema: Concrete in landscape architecture. Recycling.
4 10.12.2021 18.11.2021 Thema: Concrete facades. Renovation of the concrete structures.

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Position: 2. Cover

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Number of colums 3
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Binding Adhesive binding

Printing house

Printer PunaMusta Oy , Joensuu


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Ad material delivery betoni@betoni.com
Technical data 4. kannen ilmoitukseen jätettävä yläreunaan 30 mm vapaata painopinta-alaa osoitetulostuksen vuoksi. Ilmoitukset digitaalisessa muodossa (painovalmis pdf) vähintään 3 mm lekkausvaramerkein ja mallivedoksin tarjouksen toimittaneelle tai sopimuksen mukaan. Tiedostonimessä on mainittava lehden nro, ilmoituskoko ja asiakkaan nimi.

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