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GTi-Magazine is Finland’s number one car-tuning magazine, featuring the greatest cars, best events and latest trends in the industry. The editorial team consists of die-hard car-tuning aficionados, who share a passion for tuning and cars with their readers. Get to know everything you need to know about car-tuning culture, ten times a year!

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Advertisement sales

Advertisement sales Fokus Media Finland Oy
Contact person Jaana Lindvall-Harki
+358 40 5821416
Www https://fokusmedia.fi/media/yhteystiedot/

Contact info

Publisher Fokus Media Finland Oy
Visiting address Hämeentie 135 A
00560 Helsinki
Magazine's email gti@fokusmedia.fi
Päätoimittaja Jape Tiitinen

Circulation or copies

Issues per year 10


Issue Publishing date Reservation Material Research number Additional info
1 20.01.2021 28.12.2020 Thema: Black issue: mid-winter darkness and black cars.
2 24.02.2021 02.02.2021 Thema: Tekniikkaswappi-spesiaali.
3 31.03.2021 09.03.2021 Thema: Rim special: introducing this year’s novelties.
4 05.05.2021 13.04.2021 Thema: New look: refresh your car with polish, paint or tape.
5 09.06.2021 18.05.2021 Thema: Top classics from the pre-2000s.
6 28.07.2021 06.07.2021 Thema: The big summer event issue, hopefully.
7 01.09.2021 10.08.2021 Thema: Motorsport issue.
8 06.10.2021 03.09.2021 Thema: Power issue: showcasing heavy-duty vehicles.
9 10.11.2021 19.10.2021 Thema: Winter is coming and the hobby return to the garage.
10 15.12.2021 23.11.2021 Thema: Next year’s trends at home and around the world.

Advertisement rates


Position: Not specified

Size including margin: 420x297 mm

4-colour price 3760 €


Position: Not specified

Size including margin: 210x297 mm

4-colour price 2350 €

1/1 takakansi

Position: Back cover

Size including margin: 210 x 262 mm

4-colour price 2700 €


Position: Not specified

Size including margin: 102x297 mm

4-colour price 1750 €


Position: Not specified

Size including margin: 210x146 mm

4-colour price 1750 €


Position: Not specified

Size including margin: 210x74 mm

4-colour price 990 €


Position: Not specified

Size including margin: 93x136 mm

4-colour price 990 €

Info about inserts

Technical data

Size mm 210 x 297 mm
Printing area mm 191 x 274 mm
Bleed mm 4 mm
Printing process Offset
Binding Saddle-stitching

Printing house

Printer MDM Print , Paino


Technical info / material

Ad material delivery https://ads.aikakausmedia.fi
Technical data Ilmoitusaineistot / Advertising materials: ads.aikakausmedia.fi tai/or aineistot.gti@fokusmedia.fi

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