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GTi-Magazine is Finland’s number one car-tuning magazine, featuring the greatest cars, best events and latest trends in the industry. The editorial team consists of die-hard car-tuning aficionados, who share a passion for tuning and cars with their readers. Get to know everything you need to know about car-tuning culture, ten times a year!

Magazine's website: http://gti.fi/ Follow us : tiktok

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Advertisement sales

Advertisement sales Fokus Media Finland Oy
Contact person Jaana Lindvall-Harki
+358 40 5821416
Www https://fokusmedia.fi/media/yhteystiedot/

Contact info

Publisher Fokus Media Finland Oy
Visiting address Hämeentie 135 A
00560 Helsinki
Magazine's email gti@fokusmedia.fi
Toimituspäällikkö Jape Tiitinen

Circulation or copies

Issues per year 10

Tavoittavuusluvut ja sivulatausten määrät ovat kunkin kuukauden viikkolukujen keskiarvoja. Viikot määräytyvät osaksi sen kuukauden lukuja, jolle suurempi osa kyseisen viikon päivistä osuu. Yksittäisten viikkojen luvut ovat nähtävissä FIAM:in julkisella viikkolistalla.


Issue Publishing date Reservation Material Research number Additional info
1 18.01.2023 29.12.2022 Thema: Technique swap special.
2 22.02.2023 03.02.2023 Thema: Garage stories.
3 29.03.2023 10.03.2023 Thema: Rim extra: introducing this year’s novelties.
4 03.05.2023 13.04.2023 Thema: First events of the season - Fair Extra!
5 07.06.2023 17.05.2023 Thema: 1990’s issue, introducing best of 90’s!
6 12.07.2023 21.06.2023 Thema: Power issue, introducing thousands of horsepower.
7 30.08.2023 11.08.2023 Thema: The big summer event issue.
8 04.10.2023 15.09.2023 Thema: Motorsport issue.
9 08.11.2023 20.10.2023 Thema: Winter is coming, and the hobby returns to the garage.
10 13.12.2023 24.11.2023 Thema: Review of year’s highlights. Car show of the year vote begins!

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Position: Not specified

Size excluding margin: 420 x 297 mm

4-colour price 3760 €


Position: Not specified

Size excluding margin: 210 x 297 mm

4-colour price 2350 €

1/1 takakansi

Position: Back cover

Size excluding margin: 210 x 262 mm

4-colour price 2700 €


Position: Not specified

Size excluding margin: 102 x 297 mm

4-colour price 1750 €


Position: Not specified

Size excluding margin: 210 x 146 mm

4-colour price 1750 €


Position: Not specified

Size excluding margin: 210 x 74 mm

4-colour price 990 €


Position: Not specified

Size excluding margin: 93 x 136 mm

4-colour price 990 €

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Technical data

Size mm 210 x 297 mm
Printing area mm 191 x 274 mm
Bleed mm 4 mm
Printing process Offset
Binding Saddle-stitching

Printing house

Printer Kroonpress AS , Viro


Technical info / material

Ad material delivery https://ads.aikakausmedia.fi
Technical data Ilmoitusaineistot / Advertising materials: ads.aikakausmedia.fi tai/or aineistot.gti@fokusmedia.fi

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