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V8-Magazine just turned 40 and is the biggest and eldest American car magazine
in Finland. As the ultimate hot-rodding advocate, V8 offers its readers dream cars,
nostalgia, knowhow, and technical information. The magazine’s diverse contents
cover wide-ranging car reviews, car shows and other events, and naturally also
the fascinating people and stories behind the cars. The magazine off ers detailed
technical information and practical tips for building your own car. V8 keeps its
readers up-to-date on the world of American cars, respecting traditions.

Magazine's website: https://fokusmedia.fi/lehdet/v8-magazine Follow us :

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Advertisement sales Fokus Media Finland Oy
Contact person Jaana Lindvall-Harki
+358 40 5821416
Www https://fokusmedia.fi/media/yhteystiedot/

Contact info

Publisher Fokus Media Finland Oy
Visiting address Hämeentie 135 A
00560 Helsinki
Magazine's email v8-toimitus@fokusmedia.fi
Päätoimittaja Jarmo Markkanen
Toimituspäällikkö Petri Laulajainen

Circulation or copies

Issues per year 10


Issue Publishing date Reservation Material Research number Additional info
1 27.01.2021 30.12.2020 Thema: Foundation mechanics, building a motor.
2 24.02.2021 01.02.2021 Thema: Garage stories, reader’s own projects.
3 31.03.2021 08.03.2021 Thema: FHRA American Car Show preview. Novelties of the season.
4 05.05.2021 12.04.2021 Thema: Get your American classic ready for the summer. How to care for your car.
5 09.06.2021 12.05.2021 Thema: Best events of the cruising summer: where to go.
6 28.07.2021 05.07.2021 Thema: Events special. V8 visits the best happenings of the summer.
7 01.09.2021 09.08.2021 Thema: Modern technology in American classics.
8 06.10.2021 13.09.2021 Thema: Winter is coming, hobby vehicles move to garage.
9 03.11.2021 11.10.2021 Thema: Tuning on a small budget. Cheap horsepower.
10 15.12.2021 22.11.2021 Thema: New parts and latest trends from Finland and aboard.

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Size mm 210 x 297 mm
Printing area mm 191 x 274 mm
Printing process Offset
Binding Saddle-stitching

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Printer MDM Print , Paino


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Ad material delivery https://ads.aikakausmedia.fi
Technical data Ilmoitusaineistot/advertising materials: www.aikakausmedia.fi tai/or aineistot.v8@fokusmedia.fi

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